Care Team

Our care team monitors your patients, drives industry-leading compliance, and provides actionable insights. When appropriate, patients are contacted so you can take action. Additionally, patients get coached individually on being part of their solution. 

Integrated Devices 

Alertive has a full-suite of integrated devices including: 

  • Blood Pressure 
  • Pulse Oximetry 
  • Weight (with fluid status) 
  • Blood Glucose
  • Temperature
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Activity Tracking  

Automated Services 

Clinics often spend more time organizing information manually rather than caring for patients. We automate documentation and provide billing support to decrease time spent on administrative tasks. 

We Remotely Enroll Patients

Our team communicates with patients about Alertive’s healthcare solutions.
Alertive ships devices directly to patients.
We set up patients virtually to respect social distancing.

Achieved Clinical Results

Compared to the control group who received standard of care treatment, patients treated with Alertive experienced the following outcomes:

Average systolic blood pressure reduction per patient, compared to an increase in blood pressure of 1-2mmHG in control group (natural progression of disease)

Number of patients who achieved blood pressure control

Average rate of symptom reduction per patient

Decrease in hospital readmissions in the entire patient population receiving treatment

Triages, Track, and Treat

Our cloud anomaly system detects dangerous deviations from baseline
Our Android and Apple mobile applications with clinical decision support dashboards helps you automate care

The Alertive Difference

  • Our care team reduces the time to treatment by providing actionable updates 
  • We have a full-suite of integrated devices
  • Alertive automates services to decrease time spent on administrative tasks
  • We enroll remotely to respect social distancing
  • Alertive improves patient health