What is Hypertension?  

Hypertension is a condition where patients consistently demonstrate elevated blood pressure. 

Like most conditions, there are varying degrees of severity. The common symptoms of hypertension include headaches, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. In more critical instances, according to the Mayo Clinic, individuals have a higher risk of dementia, stroke, and heart attack.   

The CDC estimates that high blood pressure was a primary or contributing cause of death for 472,000 patients in the US during 2017. The epidemic is widespread, especially for patients over the age of 60. 

For most adults, there is no one distinct cause for high blood pressure. Some have hypothesized that genetics play a role. 

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?  

Remote patient monitoring, often abbreviated as RPM, allows healthcare providers to gather patient data virtually. This goal is achieved by linking wearable devices, like Zewa’s blood pressure cuff, to a cloud platform like Sentinel.  

This information is then organized automatically to serve doctors. “Remote patient monitoring helps achieve a full-stack approach,” explains Sentinel CEO Nirav Shah.

This technology is most useful for patients with high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses. RPM can also be utilized to see if medications have adverse or muted effects.   

How does Sentinel Help?  

Sentinel leads the fight for better hypertension care. By automatically analyzing patient data, the company can identify any concerning blood pressure trends. Doctors can then notify patients with appropriate steps for better, faster care. 

Based off of a partner study with the American Heart Association, Sentinel estimates that RPM can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by roughly 50%. In part, this reduction is because the company can preemptively identify emergency situations. 

In addition, older patients also find the mobile app easy to use. Sentinel has enrolled thousands of individuals virtually due to COVID-19. Since Sentinel is built by doctors, the company has unique insight into the needs of practices. 

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