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Alertive partners with providers to unlock stable, recurring income. A clinic with 400 patients can earn $250,000 in annual net revenue.

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Stable revenue growth

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Alertive bills three new CPT codes
that cover costs associated with our services.

$69 Wireless Transmission

CPT code 99454

Pays for the cost of the device, the real-time transmission of physiologic data from patient or caregiver to the provider and covers notifications sent from Sentinel to the patients (billed monthly).

$53 Data Review

CPT code 99457

Pays for 20 minutes of time spend viewing data and communication with patients (billed monthly).

$21 Initial Setup

CPT code 99453

Pays for consultation with the clinician and initial setup in the program (billed one time, on day one).

$106 Avg Revenue per customer per month

The Alertive Promise

Alertive’s remote patient monitoring platform makes it easy to take care of your patients while generating a dependable, recurring revenue stream. Reach out to see how Alertive can transform your practice

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