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We help manage heart, kidney, brain, and lung conditions. Alertive leverage a full suite of integrated devices to achieve better health outcomes.

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We treat patients with:


Alertive is designed to serve patients with cardiac risk factors. We reduse the risk of heart attack by 50%.


Alertive can help monitor lung disease and oxygenation to prevent re-hospitalizations.


Alertive provides monitoring for patients with neurological disease. We lower the risk of stroke by 50%.


Alertive monitors kidney disease to reduce the progression to dyalysis.

Clinical performance:

An Alertive Clinic success story




Blood pressure ratings (1 year)

9.2 mm

avg blood pressure reduction in refractory.

Better Outcomes:

Automation and improving care for patients with serious disease.

Meet Peter

He has resistant hypertension and systolic blood pressure of 220mm Hg. Peter enrolled in Alertive so that his health cloud be monitored more aggressively without being over-treated

Within four weeks, Peter reached his blood pressure goal of less tan 140mm HG.
This reduced Peter’s
risk of heart attack and stroke by 5 minutes.

Caregiver Mode

Alertive’s proprietary Caregiver mode allows family members to be involved with the care of their loved ones. By sharing actionable updates, this feature increases the rate of successful outcomes.


Integrated Devices

Alertive has a full suite of integrated devices including:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Weight (with fluid status)
  • Blood Glucose
  • Temperature
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Activity Tracking

The Alertive Promise

Alertive’s remote patient monitoring platform makes it easy to take care of your patients while generating a dependable, recurring revenue stream. Reach out to see how Alertive can transform your practice

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