Efficient Care

Alertive eases the burden of care for providers. We remotely onboard clinics, support patients with our care team, and make billing easy.

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We remotely enroll patients

Our team communicates with patients about Alertive’s healthcare solutions.

Alertive ships devices directly to

We set up patients virtually to respect
social distancing.

We make billing easy.

Patients’ health metrics are
monitored by Alertive’s

Alertive automatically
match patients to relevant
CPT codes.

We generate a chargemaster
to simplify revenue
cycle management.

Multilingual Support

Alertive’s clinical and technical support teams can provide multilingual assistance in English, Spanish, and other languages.

The Alertive Promise.

Alertive’s remote patient monitoring platform makes it easy to take care of your patients while generating a dependable, recurring revenue stream. Reach out to see how Alertive can transform your practice

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