SEATTLE, WASH., November 18, 2020 – Alertive Healthcare, a digital healthcare company known for its state-of-the-art remote patient monitoring solutions, was recently nominated as a finalist at the Remote Patient Monitoring Innovation Challenge. The event was sponsored by the California Health Care Foundation Health Innovation FundAcumen America, and Health Equity Ventures

This virtual program specifically showcased companies whose technology solutions make scalable, effective, and culturally responsive remote patient monitoring (RPM) possible for health care organizations serving the safety-net. Additionally, the panel selected organizations with inclusive hiring practices, efficient workflows, and strong patient engagement ratings.

“As doctors ourselves, we saw the need for continuous and real-time care,” explained Rama Aysola M.D., Alertive’s Head of Business Development, during his presentation. “By providing actionable updates, we reduce the time to treatment and improve outcomes. In addition, we provide a full suite of services like billing, onboarding, and multilingual support, to meet the needs of both patients and providers.”

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About Alertive Healthcare

Alertive Healthcare leverages the power of wearable (IoT) technologies to improve patient outcomes. Alertive’s HIPAA-compliant platform supports healthcare systems in providing better, more efficient care by monitoring physiologic data, making actionable treatment recommendations, and improving medication adherence.

Conceptualized and designed by physicians and healthcare technologists, Alertive’s digital health platform enables health systems to continuously monitor patient data and deliver seamless, integrated care. For more information, visit and follow @AlertiveHCare on Twitter.

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