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In July, Sentinel joined the StartX Med Alliance of Remote and Telehealth Companies (SMART). The group’s goal is to partner with healthcare providers and government agencies to help institutions adapt to the changing healthcare landscape caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  More specifically, the consortium engages with hospitals, senior care providers, community health centers, local health departments, and providers in other settings to support their telehealth, remote monitoring, and remote diagnostics initiatives. 

“The magnitude of the pandemic has taken the world by surprise and we need to look to the startup community where leading-edge innovation happens,” said Joseph Huang, StartX CEO. “This is especially prevalent in the telehealth and remote diagnostics sectors where advancements were already proven and commercially ready to deploy prior to COVID-19. Founders in our community have been collaborating for the last five months on the full spectrum of COVID-care from telemedicine and coordinated supply chain data to therapeutics, testing, and med devices as part of the StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force.” 

“Digital health has seen a dramatic shift in recent months with the public recognizing its critical role and ease of use during the pandemic,” stated Sentinel Chief Medical Officer, Jorge Sanchez, MD. “Health systems are adopting telemedicine and remote diagnostics for quarantined patients at an incredible rate and seeing the advantages in relieving overstressed physicians. With up to 175% increase in telehealth patients reported in recent months, it is becoming clear that this is the new doctor on call.” 

As a state-of-the-art remote patient monitoring platform, Sentinel will drive innovation by collaborating with Stanford alumni scientists, physicians, professors, engineers, and peer startups throughout the Fall. 

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