Seattle-based digital healthcare company offers the first comprehensive remote management system for hypertension 

SEATTLE, WA,Jan. 31, 2019 – Sentinel Healthcare, a clinically-validated digital healthcare platform providing remote monitoring and management of patients with high blood pressure and other chronic diseases, today announced a $2 million investment led by PSL Ventures, a Seattle-based venture firm. Sentinel previously secured funding as the winner of the Seattle Angel Conference XIII, an investor-led startup competition connecting entrepreneurs and angel investors. In addition, the company was awarded a non-dilutive grant from Y Combinator.  

The new funding will support the further development of Sentinel’s product, which pairs a platform for FDA-approved wearable blood pressure (BP) devices with a remote monitoring service to analyze patient data and deliver clinical recommendations to patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure. Founder and CEO Nirav Shah, M.D., a neurologist and the former stroke director at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Wash., leads the company.

“Hypertension is a silent epidemic that kills more people each year than cancer. Despite the existence of multiple effective medications for the disease, most hypertensive patients struggle to achieve blood pressure control,” said Dr. Shah. “Sentinel leverages the power of digital health devices to connect patients, doctors, and health systems on a single platform that enables us to better manage hypertension patients, improve physician efficiency and reduce healthcare costs. We are thrilled to have the support of PSL Ventures, the Seattle Angel Conference and Y Combinator as we scale our platform and grow our customer base.”

Sentinel currently manages over 500 hypertensive patients in three states, and has been generating revenue positive since enrolling its first patient. The company has shortened the interval to achieve blood pressure control in its existing patient population, from the standard of care (18-24 months) to as little as 10 weeks. Hypertension impacts more than 1 in 3 Americans, and costs the U.S. healthcare system an estimated $131 billion per year, according to the American Heart Association.   

“We believe Sentinel is a game changer for both population health management and the care and treatment of patients with chronic diseases,“ said T.A. McCann, managing director at PSL Ventures. “Sentinel’s platform provides a solution for managing hypertension and other chronic diseases that is easy for patients and clinicians to use, and brings in recurring revenues for health care systems. Seattle is a growing hub for companies working at the intersection of health and technology. We are incredibly excited to back the Sentinel team in its efforts to transform wearable devices into new and powerful tools in doctors’ arsenals.”

 Sentinel works by connecting patients, their clinicians, and health systems via an app that is installed on a patient’s smartphone, which collects, stores, and visualizes data collected from wearable blood pressure devices. Sentinel’s doctors interpret that data, adjusting medications as necessary, flagging potential hypertensive emergencies that could lead to heart attack or stroke, and communicating regularly with the patient’s home clinic. The company brings in recurring monthly revenues for its customers – healthcare clinics, hospitals and other large healthcare systems – by billing Medicare-approved reimbursement codes.

“With the emergence of digital health companies like Sentinel, we are witnessing the beginnings of a paradigm shift in healthcare,” said Wade Smith, director of neurovascular services at the University of California, San Francisco, an expert in stroke prevention and the medical management of patients with hypertension and related conditions. “Sentinel offers an incredible opportunity to transform how we treat patients with hypertension and other chronic diseases. We need more young, innovative physicians like Dr. Shah to ensure that new digital treatment tools meet the needs of both healthcare providers and patients. I cannot wait to see what Sentinel will achieve.”

About Sentinel Healthcare

Sentinel Healthcare is leveraging the power of wearable technologies to improve outcomes for patients with chronic diseases. Sentinel has created a platform that monitors blood pressure data, makes actionable treatment recommendations, improves medication adherence and generates revenue for healthcare systems. Conceptualized and designed by physicians, Sentinel’s digital health platform enables health systems to continuously monitor patient data and deliver seamless, integrated care. For more information, visit and follow @SentinelHCare.

About PSL Ventures

PSL Ventures is a Seattle-based venture capital fund that invests in early-stage technology companies, primarily based in the Pacific Northwest. PSL Ventures is a part of Pioneer Square Labs, which also operates a startup studio to create and launch new companies with local founders. For more information, visit

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